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Pythius is a set of tools to assess the quality of Python code. This is commonly done by applying different code metrics. Simple code metrics are the ratio between comments and code lines, module and function size, etc.

The immediate goal of the project is to start implementing the simple metrics, and discover more complex code metrics or adapt them from other languages.

The project's name has two origins:

  1. In Greek mythology, Python was a serpent that dwelt in the caves of Mount Parnassus and was slain by Apollo. After that, Apollo bore the epithet of Pythius. The aim of this project is to contribute to the death of bad Python code, by recognizing said code.
  2. The second origin is the Greek architect Pythius, who was said to have built The Mausoleum at Halicarnassus, one of The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, about 353 B.C. He also built the Temple of Athena Polias in the ancient city Priene. The temple was recognized in ancient times as the classic example of the pure Ionic style. Similarly, we want to enable developers to build pure Pythonic code that resembles the beautiful style of Greek architecture.

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